What Size Area Rug For A 12×14 Room

What Size Area Rug For A 12x14 Room

Next, think about your furnishings to determine the right shape and style. The shape of the room and style of your decor will help you find the right area rug size.
To get the proportion right, base the rug size on the interior dimensions of your seating area—and not just the coffee table—so it fills the negative space created .
If you DO want a room size rug, then people have commonly left a one foot border. The floor that's left over is the area we want to accent with an area rug.
Not sure what's the right size rug for your space? Our room-by-room rug guide breaks down the essentials to help you find the perfect fit.
to know that the size of a rug, not just its appearance, can change the dynamic of a room. A 5×8 rug and an 8×10 rug may both fit nicely inside a living room,.